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We've built devices to complement our creative needs.

Our devices were born out of both necessity and curiosity. We love do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and wanted small, compact, yet feature packed devices to incorporate into our designs. We've searched throughout a vast list of products on the internet for such a device but were surprised to learn that no such product existed! After our failed attempt on locating our desired device, we were curious if we could design and build the device we had in mind ourselves. With hard work and our collective determination, our devices came to life and its hardware and software working together made it the best all-in-one package device for your next DIY projects.

Meet the team

Swarna Mitra

Creative Director

Justin Kim


Jonathan Ku


Justin Chu

Validation Engineer

Sinisa Colic

Technical Advisor

Haritha Yahathugoda



Dominic Lee

Photographer & Videographer

Find us in Toronto, ON, Canada.

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